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Hello! My name is JC. I reside in on the East Coast, more specifically the Mid-Atlantic area, and even more specifically, I am a native Washingtonian! (born and raised).

I learned how to sew, crotchet, and do hand embroidery in my early teens when Home Economics was still in schools (unfortunately, many schools have eliminated Home Ec). My mother reinforced the sewing with a class at a local Singer Sewing Store/School. Actually, I am a self taught crotcher learning from Coats and Clarks booklets--which I still have a treasure to this day! :-).

Found myself out of nowhere re-interested in sewing again in 2008. Started a blog in the Fall 2008, goggled sewing in DC and found out about DC Threads, about a year later, joined the local American Sewing Guild (ASG), and now I'm learning from all of you!

Up until August 2015, I'd been working full time in Human/Social Services since November 2004. I recently changed positions (still with the same local government organization).

Thanks for dropping by! I'll add more if I think of anything else!

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