Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's every sewer and crafter's BAH HUMBUG!


I went to G Street in Falls Church after work. No clearances, mostly everything was 25%off. The fabric you see was formerly what they kept on the "remnant" table and that's always been $2.97 a yard.

I got 4 yards of the beige and 3 yards of the baby blue (it's some sort of knit), plus some purple and white webbing.

Yes, it was a mess trying to get these untangled-me and the sales lady both!
As you can see, no time wasted with another business partially in part of what this G Street totally owned!

Don't you just hate it when our stores close?!

OH, I let a guy go ahead of me at the cutting table because he only had some trimming and webbing. He asked the lady cutting the fabric: "DOESN'T ANYBODY SEW IN ARLINGTON?" Of course, he's in Falls Church, but the Arlington County line is only a couple of miles away. Neither one of us could respond. :-)   :-(


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