Saturday, July 25, 2015

It's every sewer and crafter's BAH HUMBUG!


I went to G Street in Falls Church after work. No clearances, mostly everything was 25%off. The fabric you see was formerly what they kept on the "remnant" table and that's always been $2.97 a yard.

I got 4 yards of the beige and 3 yards of the baby blue (it's some sort of knit), plus some purple and white webbing.

Yes, it was a mess trying to get these untangled-me and the sales lady both!
As you can see, no time wasted with another business partially in part of what this G Street totally owned!

Don't you just hate it when our stores close?!

OH, I let a guy go ahead of me at the cutting table because he only had some trimming and webbing. He asked the lady cutting the fabric: "DOESN'T ANYBODY SEW IN ARLINGTON?" Of course, he's in Falls Church, but the Arlington County line is only a couple of miles away. Neither one of us could respond. :-)   :-(


Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's personal: Another one closing!

For those that are in the DMV or have visited the DMV, you can really appreciate this store.

Some may remember my "This is Terrible!" rant when my neighborhood Hancock's closed  2 years ago or so:

Well, now a DMV icon is closing two of its three stores. One has already closed, the other is due to close on 7/26.

I remember as a kid the original "G Street" in downtown DC. We (me, Mom, and sis) did our shopping for Home Ec and our Singer Sewing class at this location. Of course, that one has been closed for decades. :-(

Anyway, I'm whining again! BTW:  I included a video clip of one of these stores here (did this about 2 years ago).


Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy July 4!

To our US fans and followers, Happy Independence Day. For everyone else, thanks for your continued support! Looking to come back soon!