Sunday, January 18, 2015

What I learned (and am still learning) about sewing with knits!

Before I get to that, I must confess, when I first learned sewing (or somewhere along the way), I was taught or heard that beginners should stay away from knits and only deal with cotton and/or cotton blends because it's too challenging, etc.

Just very recently, I'm learning that this may or may not be necessarily true.

With all of the tools out there today (you tube, blogs, online videos, -many free tutorials), there are so many generous people out there that take the edge and fear out of sewing with knits-especially for beginners like me.

So, with that said, here's what I learned, am still learning, and/or things I need to incorporate and/or practice.

1) Get a walking foot. Even though a walking foot may not be a means to an end, but at least it's a start. I noticed when I used one yesterday, I still didn't have good control of my fabric (but then again, I have to attribute that to me and not the foot) :-)

2) Practice different zig zag stitches. I was sewing on a new machine and hadn't touched it (before yesterday) in 6 months. I am more familiar with the zig zag stitches on my heavy duty Kenmore than my new Brother (my bad on that one, too). :-).

3) Practice cutting. Unfortunately, one part of my knit fabric wasn't cut properly thus creating layout issues as I was trying to lay my pattern pieces out.

There's more. The good thing is: I ain't mad cause I didn't finish, ain't frustrated cause it took a minute to get the right zig zag stitch setting. It's all good cause I' m learning.

See you again soon!


Saturday, January 17, 2015

M7055 update

Greetings. Didn't get to finish M 7055 (please see last week's update and pattern below), but made good progress. I was with a meetup group that held its first meeting today. Met some wonderful sewists and the atmosphere was amazing--even that was worth the drive!

One of the organizers and group founders let me use her walking foot (she has a Brother as well but a different model). The piece you see on the table is very long.

You gotta have 60 inches to make this pattern work! Anyway, tada! wholla! Either I'll finish before the month ends or at the next meetup! OH, BTW: We're ALL sewing with knits!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Started prepping one of the patterns I got from the Hancocks McCalls sale last wend for some wend sewing!


Monday, January 5, 2015

Perfect weekend catch :-)

Here's and cheers..hoping each of you brought in the New Year safely and that all is well thus far.

This weekend was a dreary wend (at least Saturday), but I trolled out to JoAnn's  and picked up a couple (well a few) patterns. I already have enough fab to cover most of these.

McCall's had a sale...some posted the sale ended 1/4, others posted it's still on. Either way, the kid wasn't taking any chances. Here we go: