Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lookie look what I got! :-)

Hopefully, you got a sneak peak of our trip on Friday to the NYC Garment District. Here's a couple of my goodies AND places that we stopped. Oh, I met a group of three other (strangers) for a guided tour. There were suppose to be five of us, but two didn't show.

Trenton, NJ
 Trying to wake up!
 Invisible zipper (my first one and first try coming up soon!)

 Ponte! My new love! Can't wait to try it out (ideas later AND welcome!!)
 Isn't she lovely??!!
I got a two 9 inch invisible zippers because our ASG group will be doing this on our next project in October. The project requires 7-9 inches. I got 9 inches just in case and two..for a bargain!

Looking forward to doing something wonderful with the ponte knit. I've read so many raving reports about it. Thankfully, it was in 60 inches width (which I prefer being a plus size--less piecing for me) :-). Have a couple of peplums in mind and "maybe" paparazzo? 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, these are the places we went to (I only purchased from one):

1) Leather, Suede, Skins, etc.
2) Elliott Bergman Textiles**
3) Fabrics and Fabrics
4) N.Y. Elegant Fabrics
5) SIL Thread 
6) Rosen and Chadick

Some of the well known establishments were closed for Rosh Hashana.  

Thanks for dropping by!! :-)


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