Sunday, August 3, 2014

SEW much to do....SEW little time!

I've got a few items to catch you up on. First off, about two weeks ago, I completed Kwik Sew 3647 and forgot to post it here! Was off for about a week: last weekend for a family reunion and after that, a few days of R&R. I'd hope to get some sewing done, but, Oh well!

Here' the pics. It's a night gown and I'll comment after the pics:

I actually cut the front and back out last year using some clearance fabric from a neighborhood Hancock's that closed last Spring. Problem is: when I cut those pieces, I didn't anticipate on being sidelined for several months. So, it became a UFO until about 2 weeks ago. 

By then, a little over a year had past and I couldn't recall what size I'd cut the first two pieces. Therefore, I had to wing it with the collar and arm pieces. Unfortunately, I cut the wrong size and they didn't fit.

It's all good because I learned: If possible, cut all of your pieces in the same sitting. Again, I was literally immobilized for several months (last year) and couldn't sew let alone do many other things.

There's much more, but I wanted to share this with you. :-). Take care!