Friday, July 4, 2014

Gotta new one!

On Tuesday, (7/1), I popped in Hancock's after work JUST to get a schedule for when the sewing repair guys schedule for the remainder of the year (called before going). Of course, they're having all these sales.
 :-). I eyed a Brother LS-590.

Checked several reviews online--all of which were positive. It was on sale for $89.99. Went back Wednesday, (7/2), and got it...but it gets better! Got an additional 10% off.

I'll be playing with it this weekend. Taking it over to Mom's later today so we can open it together.

This is the first machine I've actually purchased. My current one (an old Kenmore) was given to me by Mom about 6 years ago. It's over 35 years young, sturdy (the heavy duty kind) and still works!

Anyway, he's my score:

JC Smitty's photo.
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