Saturday, April 26, 2014

Too pooped to post :-)

Hello again. I hadn't forgotten about posting. Busy week, late nights, and just too tired to even post anything. :-). In order to even remind myself of this post, :-). I posted the title and saved it as a "draft."

As stated last weekend, I promise I'd post the tote bag results from a tutorial posted on The Daily Sew's  face book page.

I started one Saturday, finished it and did another one Sunday. The second one took a little longer because....

1) I added a front pocket
2) Had to re-do one of the straps. :-(    :-)

 Pointing out where I was going to do a zig zag stitch on both sides to reduce fabric fraying.
Before pressing seams, I snipped a few so it would make turning the corners easier. I don't have a serger so so a zig zag's the next option. :-)
 Decided to add a pocket. I improvised on the second bag. First bag a little boxier (may be hard to see), this one more traditional.


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