Saturday, April 26, 2014

Next on the grid. :-)

In case you thought I forgot, well, I didn't. :-). Back in late Feburary, I joined a skirt challege, made a skirt.

Now that I'm a little behind, it's time to catch up. Last night and earlier this week, I tried to find some simple and quick pencil skirt tutorials.

There's a ton of them out on you tube, however, I found two that will probably work for me because the instructions are clear, not alot of measuring, get a chance to use my knits.

In fact, I'm due to make two skirts in order for me to get up to speed: March and April.

Sew, look to hear back soon!


Too pooped to post :-)

Hello again. I hadn't forgotten about posting. Busy week, late nights, and just too tired to even post anything. :-). In order to even remind myself of this post, :-). I posted the title and saved it as a "draft."

As stated last weekend, I promise I'd post the tote bag results from a tutorial posted on The Daily Sew's  face book page.

I started one Saturday, finished it and did another one Sunday. The second one took a little longer because....

1) I added a front pocket
2) Had to re-do one of the straps. :-(    :-)

 Pointing out where I was going to do a zig zag stitch on both sides to reduce fabric fraying.
Before pressing seams, I snipped a few so it would make turning the corners easier. I don't have a serger so so a zig zag's the next option. :-)
 Decided to add a pocket. I improvised on the second bag. First bag a little boxier (may be hard to see), this one more traditional.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

SEW Glad!

Ok yall. I've been "spreading the love" all over facebook on various pages, but forgot to give my THUMBS up to Ozcar/Oscar on the take a way on Project Runway's Under The Gunn!

By far, the best designer topped with character and integrity! :-). I just had to do a follow up because if you saw my previous posts, he was ALWAYS my top fav! Good for you!


What I'm working on....

Hello. I know it's been a few weeks since I've checked it-however, just like most of you, sewing is always on the mind regardless of life's detours. With that said, I recently saw an quick and easy tote DIY on facebook under The Daily Sew's page (no website as far as I know).


I could have knocked it out in one day, but there was no rush. Just about finished one and have the fabric for another one. Will post results soon (promise) along with how and what I may have done differently on the second tote....