Monday, February 24, 2014

Sometimes ya gotta walk...even if....

The post below was posted on a local sewing group's page last May. Believe it or not, I actually walked away from finding pattern weights...but never forgetting. So this weekend, I went to Home Depot (one of the SAME ONES I went to last May), went to the same section, and look what I found:

LESSON LEARNED: Not only does one sometimes have to walk away from a project and return, sometimes you have to walk away from notions, fabric, etc. SAME PROCESS: SAME RESULTS!  (See post below and a couple of replies). BTW: I tried THREE Home Depots last May .:-)

Hi everyone. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get pattern weights? These were given to me a few years back. I realize that they're only metal covered with fabric. I was told Home Depot, however, I dropped by the one nearest me and they didn't have them. Was also told Amazon, however, when I saw their offering, they didn't look like these (even without the fabric) and more concerning, they received a few negative reviews. Maybe I just need to try another Home Depot.  Thanks for any suggestions. 

  • Hey JC. Any hardwsre store will have metal washers in the plumbing section in a variety of sizes and weights. Pick up about six then wrap them in bright 3/8 inch or so ribbon. Secure the end with a bit if hot glue.
  •  I usually use 2 per weight
  • JC  Thanks Tee for the replies and links. Hey Laura. Went to plumbing section @ HD. Showed it to them, explained fabric was/is glued, they didnt' have them. In fact, the ones pictured were given to me by you and Allison as a gift when the lounge was on Michigan Park. Thanks so much ladies. 

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