Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm participating in...

In order to "thrust" myself into garment sewing, I'll be participating in The Little Acre That Could's skirt challenge (click link for details). This is the PERFECT challenge for me: no pressure, a skirt a month. Plus a skirt can allow me to add skills that I've never tried and force me to try them.

Sew, sewing friends, gals, and guys, feel free to keep me accountable. I'm starting this month so I'll need to have my first skirt done by the end of this month. :-). .and here's my reminder logo:



  1. Thank you! and especially from you. :-)

  2. I'm trying to make two garments a month-one easy and one a little more of a challenge. So I'll be watching your progress too.

    1. Thanks Jackie. Thank you for visiting. :-)

  3. Hi JC, good luck on the challenge! I just wanted to connect and say thank you for subscribing to DYOB the other day. :)


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