Friday, February 28, 2014

Are you watching?

I just started watching Project Runway's "Under The Gunn" a couple of weeks ago. If you watch, who are your favorite designers?

Here's mine:  :-)


Monday, February 24, 2014

Sometimes ya gotta walk...even if....

The post below was posted on a local sewing group's page last May. Believe it or not, I actually walked away from finding pattern weights...but never forgetting. So this weekend, I went to Home Depot (one of the SAME ONES I went to last May), went to the same section, and look what I found:

LESSON LEARNED: Not only does one sometimes have to walk away from a project and return, sometimes you have to walk away from notions, fabric, etc. SAME PROCESS: SAME RESULTS!  (See post below and a couple of replies). BTW: I tried THREE Home Depots last May .:-)

Hi everyone. Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get pattern weights? These were given to me a few years back. I realize that they're only metal covered with fabric. I was told Home Depot, however, I dropped by the one nearest me and they didn't have them. Was also told Amazon, however, when I saw their offering, they didn't look like these (even without the fabric) and more concerning, they received a few negative reviews. Maybe I just need to try another Home Depot.  Thanks for any suggestions. 

  • Hey JC. Any hardwsre store will have metal washers in the plumbing section in a variety of sizes and weights. Pick up about six then wrap them in bright 3/8 inch or so ribbon. Secure the end with a bit if hot glue.
  •  I usually use 2 per weight
  • JC  Thanks Tee for the replies and links. Hey Laura. Went to plumbing section @ HD. Showed it to them, explained fabric was/is glued, they didnt' have them. In fact, the ones pictured were given to me by you and Allison as a gift when the lounge was on Michigan Park. Thanks so much ladies. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Half Yard Heaven Review!

As promised a few weeks earlier, we now have our review ready for:

Please check our "Book Reviews" tab above and enjoy! :-)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm participating in...

In order to "thrust" myself into garment sewing, I'll be participating in The Little Acre That Could's skirt challenge (click link for details). This is the PERFECT challenge for me: no pressure, a skirt a month. Plus a skirt can allow me to add skills that I've never tried and force me to try them.

Sew, sewing friends, gals, and guys, feel free to keep me accountable. I'm starting this month so I'll need to have my first skirt done by the end of this month. :-). .and here's my reminder logo:


In the works :-)

And almost done! Promise :-)


Some sewing lately

Sewed these items when we were snowed in a few days ago. Last night, I pulled out a few tutorials on exposed zippers. This would be my first attempt alone and only second (very first attempt was in September with LOTS of help) :-). I haven't forgotten the book's coming. I apologize in advanced for side view pics (took from camera, rotated, saved and still didn't turn properly)
 This is the front of recycled jeans (did one back in December). This time, hand sewed handles.
 Back side of the same bag :-)


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Coming soon: Another book review!

This time, we'll be reviewing: Half Yard Heaven by Debbie Shore. The official release date is April 2014. STAY TUNED!