Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fun and "FORGIVING" Jean purse tutorial !

OK. Back to "Reflecting on my Favs" a little later. :-). Over the weekend, found this sweet jean purse tutorial on youtube : Jean Purse.  I used a pair of khaki pants that I happened on. I modified/deviated slightly from the tutorial. Since me and belts don't get along. :-), I used the leg part of the pants to create the straps. I also used my rotary cutter for the hard places and fabric scissors.
 Khaki's were probably originally fitted for a kid
 Cutter and scissors ready (who said rotary cutters are just for quilters?! I love mine!
 Back side
 I used an un-sharpened pencil to pull it all together. :-)

 Front side
 Thumbs up! Yippie!

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  1. Sweet! What a cute idea. I would be lost without my rotary cutter and mat.


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