Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Back again: WHY my favs in NYC are just that!

Hello! So you thought I forgot?! Remember "Reflecting the Favs" and I told you I'd let you know WHY each one are my favs?

I'll start in the order that I wrote them....not that one is better than the other :-).

PARON FABRICS: I love Paron's and if I could, I'd go there ALL THE TIME. Why?
1) Supurb customer service. They actually show you different fabrics and explain the content. For me, this "hand holding" is good. A more seasoned sewer may not need this.

2) Very friendly

3) Very reasonable prices and LOTS of sales.

4) Fabric swatches. 


1) Friendly.

2) Customer Service.

3) Fabric swatches.


1) Friendly

2) Customer Service

3) Fabric swatches.

Moods is a lot larger, Fabrics For Less, like a matchbox, but you'll make it around :-) Parons' good all the way around.


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