Friday, November 1, 2013

We did it again....

Gotta confess, nearly a month ago and two weeks after my previous trip, I went back to The Big Apple. This time, it was suppose to be a different kind of trip. Garment District, YES, however it was suppose to be a tour  however due to an uncontrollable delay, didn't meet the group, but I still kept it moving since I was already there. :-).

Just can't beat  50 cents for 9 inch zippers and less than 2 bucks for 24 inch ones @Moods!
 Me and my Moods!
 Love this place. Found it in September. Kinda tight on the inside, even better deals in October!

 Another one closing. Always sad to see. :-(
 Waiting for an early bus back :-)

I did it all by my lonesome and STILL enjoyed myself, and got some good deals--enough to last me till next year. I'll share that in a future post. :-)   -JC


  1. I'd love to go fabric shopping with you. I may have mentioned before there is only 1 fabric store here (which I love to go to when I get the chance), and Walmart carries a few small pre-cut fabric paks. You are lucky to have so many places to go! Maybe one day I'll end up in your neck of the woods.:-)

    1. I'd love to go fabric shopping with you, too someday. :-). Our Walmarts have the pre-cut fabrics to. :-). We are blessed to have many options that aren't too far away. :-)

  2. Ohh the zippers! Just the range of colours! My local place seems to have the craziest oddment of colours. I feel like a strategist trying to figure out how to get appropriate fastenings sometimes. :)


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