Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Here's what I learned..... :-)

 For those of us that took advantage of the wonderful pattern sales this month (Simplicity, McCalls, & even more recently, Butterick). I know many of you have been taking advantage of these deals for years--this year was my first. :-).

When I went to JoAnn's, I had already researched my patterns, had a list. However, I got there mid-week and found a few empty drawers.

At first, I gave in and kept it moving with my list :-). However, something told me to keep looking in all drawers!

I discovered that (for whatever reasons), patterns were shifted, moved in different drawers, etc.

LESSON LEARNED: Keep pressing through those drawers even if they're empty. You never know IF your pattern is gonna be in the next drawer! :-).

Until next time, keep it sewing!  -JC

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