Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lil Sunday Sewing

Just a quickie here. Hemmed a skirt I posted about two months ago. Wasn't able to do it due to several uncontrollables. 

I also started a small project (almost done), but got stuck. Just a temporarily road block. I'll go over the instructions again and maybe it will click (I'm sure it's just me)!  :-).

I hand washed skirt after hemming (didn't do anything before) and it's line drying now. I'll post a pic when I wear it. :-). Take care.

I noticed GOOGLE/BLOGGER is at it again! After an earlier post this morning, all of my prior posted DISAPPEARED! It's as if I have nothing!

I ain't worried about this time! Crazy but what can one do?

My sewing files: Another external drive chat! :-)

Greetings! A few months ago(actually, December 2012--HOW TIME FLIES!) , I did a a blog post on the importance of securing an external drive, or "thumb" drive to save any and/or all of your sewing files, pictures, sewing, PDF's, tutorials, etc.  I even included a picture of my external drive.

Back then, I even did a screen shoot of one of my external drives (I have an external drive and a pocket thumb drive--the latter I'll carry in my purse occasionally in case I see something I need to save and I'm away from my desktop).

The idea of sharing this came about as I came across several sewing bloggers in recent months that had their computers either hacked, "spoofed" and as a result, the bag guys won! They lost EVERY file on their entire system. Some had to get entire computers because they had no back up system.

Your external drive can AND SHOULD be used as your back up and ONLY SYSTEM. :-)

We cannot emphasize enough: Do NOT save any files on your computer's hard drive.

Below is how my external drive looks. I'm constantly editing, adding folders, etc.