Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I'm working on....ALOT!

Hi Everyone! First off, I haven't forgotten the book review I promised a couple of weeks back. Been under the weather for past couple of weeks, job training (long commute) this past week. Trying to catch up and recover this weekend.

I started a maxi skirt from MimiG.  Already cut the fabric out, now need to finish it off-so that's why I gotta roll out now!

Here's a pic of the draft. I have to use a cutting board cause my table isn't large enough. It's all good.

Also have some pics from a few fabric stores I dropped by earlier this week. Chat later.


  1. Ahhh...I've been trying to make a skirt too, JC. I got the tissue cut out and pressed this weekend. Great minds think alike ;-)

    1. Hi Sue. Thanks so much. I finished the skirt last night (could have finished Saturday, but I took breaks, etc). :-). Please post yours our (I know your current blog isn't sewing related) or please send me a pic if you can.

      I was just thinking about you today wondering how you were and beating myself up for not emailing earlier. I'll catch you up this week. Now gonna post the end product. :-). Thanks so much for your encouragement.


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