Friday, May 24, 2013


So much to say--so many pics to share (there all uploaded) just not enough time! I am so thankful for a long holiday weekend. The weather sort of flipped on us on this side--got (and is) a little chilly! In fact, I've got the heat on as I write!

Anyway, I took advantage of the the fabric sale at G Street. Took an extended lunch break. Every Friday around 11:30 a.m., they get a truck load of assorted fabrics: $2.99 a yard! Plus I had a coupon I was able to use PLUS some left over cash from an unused gift certificate. :-)

So, the break away was getting there while the fabric was still being hauled off the truck, the take away is below:
 Love the shopping cart--I needed it (that little basket just didn't make the cut!)
 Nice :-)

Knits...if not now, when?

G Street Fabrics NOW, this was just on my lunch break today. After work, went to Hancock's. Ya gotta come back this weekend to see those goodies. :-) See ya.

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