Thursday, May 23, 2013

Casual Day: A CASUALTY IN THE WORKPLACE and everywhere!


I've been meaning to mention this for quite some time, however Erica B's recent post. really settled it.

If you haven't taken a peek, the link is above. This is sort of sewing related. A few months back, started researching Home Economics as it relates to sewing and found this link from Cornell University (you vintage lovers--enjoy!)

There are various tabs to read and MANY sewing tips that are applicable today.

However, my focus is on how these students/women are dressed. OK-its Cornell, however given this was taken a few decades back, look at how neat and presentable they are dressed.

Do they look like bums? Do they look like Raggedy Ann and Rag Dolls? NO.

So like Erica and so many bloggers that sounded off on her blog, I refuse to give in to casual anything in the workplace!

Today is Thursday--folk winding down for the long weekend. Here's what I wore to work. I WISH I could say I made it...but I'm not that good (LOL) least not yet. :-).

Sorry-unable to rotate (taken from phone)

Anyway, I hope you get this gist. If you one doesn't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything. 
Until next time, -JC  :-)

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