Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Did you catch this?

I'm sure many we all from time to time get bombarded with subscription offers either via email or regular mail. A couple of weeks back, I received an email from Sew News about getting a 2 year subscription for the price of one. In addition, they'd also send you a copy of a Sew News DVD series with various shows.

Also, an immediate PDF download of several pillow patterns. To resist or not to resist was the question. :-).

Since I haven't had a subscription in a few years, I decided to take advantage of it! Looking forward to getting new ideas, tips, etc.! :-).


  1. I love Sew News, but like you haven't renewed my subscription for a couple of years.

    I keep thinking of that book you posted about afe weeks ago with the beautiful artsy top on the cover. Did you hve time yet to do anything more with that? I just loved that top!

    1. Hi there! I read through that book yesterday afternoon. Having some blogging issues with blogger (just posted it). I'm going to hold off on that review until the blogger issue gets resolved (hopefully it will resolve itself). Thanks so much as always for visiting!


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