Sunday, April 7, 2013

A little frustrated with blogger!

In case you're wondering why only ONE post is showing up and the others suddenly appear under the "Older Posts" tab (mind you, they aren't all old)--well, after doing a post early this AM, Came back to the blog later and noticed that all of my posts have "disappeared."

Been troubleshooting through "settings," goggled the issue, even got some great advise from Karen @ Sew Many Ways. Unfortunately, nothing's working.

Also used the "feedback" button on blogger. Of course, there's no way to contact them so you can only pray and hope for the best that it's some sort of technical SNAFU with them and they'll resolve it!

I've had problems on and off with them before and eventually somehow they manage to resolve on it;'s own. Frustrating because I have several updates I want to share but FOR NOW, only one post is showing.

Go Figure! OK NOW IT'S SHOWING "TWO." WHOOOO! (Still a bummer!!)


  1. It looks lie your problem has resolved, JC. I see your posts are back online. I bet it was a scary thing to have happen though!

    1. Hi Sue. Got your email late last night, but was on my way to bed. It actually hasn't been resolved. The only reason why you see posts is because if you notice posts dates, I have been doing BACK TO BACK posts. Prior to the disappearing posts (4/6), my posts were scarce--nothing from late March is showing up. It's suppose to hold 25 MINIMUM posts per page and that's not the case. I've been posting any & everything just to get something to show up. :-)


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