Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is just terrible!

Seems like I'm once again the bearer of bad news. A local Hancock Fabrics (only a few miles from me) is closing!

Now maybe I missed the "411", but Hancock's made no mention in their frequent emails. Then again, maybe that's not expected as those emails probably generate from "headquarters."

I found out on the fly. This Hancock's is located in a mall. I was just in that mall Thursday evening and a few times before, but never noticed the sign. It wasn't until earlier today I saw a guy out on the street holding a sign. Went in and asked when did they announce closing and was told early February!

When asked how long will they remain open, the clerk said they haven't determined a specific closing date.

A sad day in this area. This store has been up for decades. I fondly member it when I first learned sewing and crafting. .

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  1. That is sad. Do you have other fabric stores in your area? If not where do you shop for your fabrics?
    BTW, thanks for sharing my badge here on your blog!!


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