Monday, March 18, 2013

Sewists sounding off!

Here are a few comments concerning local Hancock closure and fabric/sewing store closings in general. Names have been removed. These just came in late this afternoon/early evening:

  •  Good for you for inquiring with their headquarters... It is a shame that so many fabric stores have closed their doors. I keep hoping that with the increasing interest in sewing and quilting that more stores will open...

  • Thanks JC. I can't be from lack of crafty people in PG. I frequent the Joann's in Greenbelt and its always crowded

  • Come to Virginiaaaa... (imagine that this is really Jamaica). That Hancock is a little down the road from my place and I'm not so impressed with it myself. Not sure if i'm being snobby about it... the service is getting better, after some complaints. The Fabric selection is smaller, and therefore shifts with the seasons. Right now its prom dress taffeta and satin season

  • Twenty or thirty years ago, that Hancocks was wonderful. The fabrics were great and I could always find fabrics I liked. I'm not sure what happened, but other than home decor fabrics, I find their selection cheaply made. If I go in there to buy patterns, they never have what I want. I used to be able to buy notions, but even that became catch as catch can and the check out lines are always long and not because they are so crowded.

  • I am sorry to see it go though because the last couple of times I was in there, they seemed to be trying to clean their act up. It was definitely a great place once upon a time.
  • JC Smitty (YOURS TRULY COMMENTING)  Thanks L, B, K, and E (used initials) for replying. I agree with long lines at many if not most Hancock's. I posted the ? on their face book page-- of course, no response that's why I decided to call. I think the customer service issue is everywhere EVEN JoAnn's (people that don't know in some cases about sewing and can't help you, etc), but that's almost everywhere these days. . Yes, they were the place to go. Long lines are probably due to lack of staff, etc. I ran into that many times @ Waldorf (MD) store. Store manager there even told me a couple of years back they were short staffed. Oh well, thanks ladies. Let's keep the conversation(s) going! . Thanks so much.
    Hi there,  no I didn't.  I haven't been to that location in years.  it's terrible.

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