Monday, March 18, 2013

An update (Hancocks)

Greetings. I wish we were able to say that this store is not closing after all however, I wanted to provide an update just based on my own curiosity.

Decided to call Hancock headquarters this afternoon and after about three transfers, got the District Manager of this area (which we will not name here). When asked why the Forestville location was closing, the answer wasn't a surprise (I just needed to hear it). He said it was a matter of economics. 
When asked if the Forestville store didn't generate the necessary revenue as neighboring Hancocks (Alexandria/Waldorf), the general response was that each Hancock's is run independently and also the Mall changed leasing owners a few years back (I remember) and that's when the rent increased.

So there you have it. It's really sad especially when it's a place that got you into sewing and crafting in the first place.

It's an atrocity for PG county residents (and I know some members here live in PG county). Now we've got to either hop over the Wilson and deal with Richmond Hwy (an never ending nightmare traffic wise 24/7) OR 301 which isn't much different.

Oh well.... What can you do?? Hope this helps. :-)

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