Sunday, January 13, 2013

First DC Threads 2013 kick-off lounge

Hi Everyone. After being absent for at least 18 months, I was able to go to the first sewing lounge of the year--yesterday (Saturday, 1/11). They have several rooms, but used two rooms: one for beginners and/or first time sewers, and a larger room for others.
Laura showing the different parts to the machine
 Practicing straight lines and pivots first.

 Nice overview!
 Laura demonstrating how to thread the machine.

 Bits of Thread sewing lounge official T-shirt! :-)
 Larger group of sewers working on various projects.
 Pressing both sides of drawstring bag
 Another view of other sewers.
 Step by step instructions for beginners.
Showing beginners different tools they can use and/or purchase.
 Yippie!! Finished first project!
 Another successful finish!
 Next one!
 How sweet it is!
 MY GIRL!! Really! I met this pretty young lady nearly 4 years ago! A very kind soul indeed! :-)
As you can see, we all had a good time. The first session was well attended. For more information, visit the lounge at Here's the group link on face book:

Until next time, See you next time! :-)


  1. Nice idea! I would love to be oneof those beginner class instructors. I just love the energy that comes from new sewers :-)

  2. So glad you're back in "blog ville" I've nominated your blog...visit my blog for the details. :)


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