Friday, January 11, 2013

ASG meeting

Greetings! I attended the first ASG (American Sewing Guild) neighborhood meeting earlier this week. I haven't been to one in over a year so it was good seeing everyone. This meeting was cozy (small) loaded with lots of info. Here's a few pics. Last two pics are from "Show/Sew and Tell."

One of the ladies was so kind to give out washable fabric markers. :-)


  1. I love free motion quilting. I took a beginner class a few years ago, but couldn't get the hand of it...still love the look though :-)

  2. I also took one (I guess) session/crash free motion quilting class at an American Sewing Guild conference 2.5 years ago. I enjoyed it, too, but probably needed more time. It was fun, but I don't remember much about the class now! (LOL)


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