Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Area sewing/crafing business closing!

Happy New Year again! Yesterday I was watching the local news and saw where an area DC local business is closing it's doors after 40 years! People were sad, some nearly in tears!

It's sad when local stores that are the fabric of lives close before your very eyes! It's one thing if a chain store closes, but if and/or when it's a store that helped shape your hobby and/or passion--IT''S DIFFERENT. :-).

So when I heard the news, I called this morning and asked how long will they be open. I was told they don't know. Clerk wasn't sure if it's as long as they have inventory or what.

Anyway, I decided I'd better haul myself over. So I took the to the road immediately after work.

I recall hearing a customer on the news mention sewing and notions, so I just had to go. Here's a few pics:

 I know it looks like mess, but it's a going out of business sale-what should we expect?
 More of the same, but one can always find what one needs!

 Cold weather couldn't stop the kid!
The store is called Bruce Variety. The lady cutting the fabric told me this past weekend, they were like animals--grabbing stuff, etc.! I'm just glad it wasn't crowded this evening AND I got some good deals.

More on the deals soon so stay tuned! :-)


  1. Wow, I've ever heard of this store! Where's it located?

  2. It is a shame when local shops close - but also great for finding a good bargain too! :)

    1. So true, Jill. It's such a shame that this atrocity is happening all over the country. Stores like this are the ones that WE support and want to support even more than the huge retailers and franchises. My videos are uploading now. I'm joining two (which takes lots of time, but worth it). As soon as it's done, I'm posting tonight. Got your latest endeavor (crocheting)--another one of my favorite crafts. Looking forward to your journey. :-)


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