Sunday, January 13, 2013

First DC Threads 2013 kick-off lounge

Hi Everyone. After being absent for at least 18 months, I was able to go to the first sewing lounge of the year--yesterday (Saturday, 1/11). They have several rooms, but used two rooms: one for beginners and/or first time sewers, and a larger room for others.
Laura showing the different parts to the machine
 Practicing straight lines and pivots first.

 Nice overview!
 Laura demonstrating how to thread the machine.

 Bits of Thread sewing lounge official T-shirt! :-)
 Larger group of sewers working on various projects.
 Pressing both sides of drawstring bag
 Another view of other sewers.
 Step by step instructions for beginners.
Showing beginners different tools they can use and/or purchase.
 Yippie!! Finished first project!
 Another successful finish!
 Next one!
 How sweet it is!
 MY GIRL!! Really! I met this pretty young lady nearly 4 years ago! A very kind soul indeed! :-)
As you can see, we all had a good time. The first session was well attended. For more information, visit the lounge at Here's the group link on face book:

Until next time, See you next time! :-)

Friday, January 11, 2013

ASG meeting

Greetings! I attended the first ASG (American Sewing Guild) neighborhood meeting earlier this week. I haven't been to one in over a year so it was good seeing everyone. This meeting was cozy (small) loaded with lots of info. Here's a few pics. Last two pics are from "Show/Sew and Tell."

One of the ladies was so kind to give out washable fabric markers. :-)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

See for yourself :-)

Here's a brief video on just a sample of sewing offerings at the store closing:

Bruce Variety (please click link). Here's the You Tube channel link: (WeWannaSew)

PS: Sometimes videos uploaded on blogger don't include audio (at least with the ones that I had music in the background). That's why I included the actual channel link. It's under 3 minutes in case you'd prefer to go there). :-)

While I'm waiting...

Hi Everyone. While I'm waiting for those promised videos to join (uploaded, and now joining two), wanted to share some birthday pics with you! It was Thursday and had a nice time. Family drove to Petersburg (VA) to see my youngest nephew play (basketball). They won!! Got home about 2:00 a.m. Friday AM and had to go to work!

Slept like a baby Friday night! I'll be back soon with that video. :-)

Reading a lovely card from my dear parents (promised not to post their pics!)
 I HAD to take something SEW GOOD to read: Nothing but sewing. :-)
 Youngest nephew (straight A student as a transfer @ this school!)
 This was a 2nd treat: Friend treated to dinner yesterday (Saturday)
Perfect birthday gift: seeing my nephew (again) and seeing him play and having another opportunity with family and friend. :-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Area sewing/crafing business closing!

Happy New Year again! Yesterday I was watching the local news and saw where an area DC local business is closing it's doors after 40 years! People were sad, some nearly in tears!

It's sad when local stores that are the fabric of lives close before your very eyes! It's one thing if a chain store closes, but if and/or when it's a store that helped shape your hobby and/or passion--IT''S DIFFERENT. :-).

So when I heard the news, I called this morning and asked how long will they be open. I was told they don't know. Clerk wasn't sure if it's as long as they have inventory or what.

Anyway, I decided I'd better haul myself over. So I took the to the road immediately after work.

I recall hearing a customer on the news mention sewing and notions, so I just had to go. Here's a few pics:

 I know it looks like mess, but it's a going out of business sale-what should we expect?
 More of the same, but one can always find what one needs!

 Cold weather couldn't stop the kid!
The store is called Bruce Variety. The lady cutting the fabric told me this past weekend, they were like animals--grabbing stuff, etc.! I'm just glad it wasn't crowded this evening AND I got some good deals.

More on the deals soon so stay tuned! :-)

Whipped up another one!

We did this on New Years eve. Used my own measurements the second time around. :-).