Sunday, December 2, 2012

Still organizing :-)

As the year comes to a close, this is and will be a good time for me to continue organizing: sewing books, DVDs, manuals, fabric, organize patterns. create a sewing corner (no sewing room). There's now enough space for me at least do this.

I also got another video camera after a 4 month absence so I can start posting some videos--probably at the end of this month at the latest.:-).

The "holiday" season isn't a big deal for me...I'm gonna enjoy the time off (when it comes) and (hopefully) use it to do all the stuff I just stated above.

Take care and happy sewing! :-).


  1. Stop by for an update on my life. A lot has transpired these last few months, a healing, a wedding a new grand baby to name a few.

    1. Yes, my friend. I stopped by yesterday & commented. :-). Please don't feel bad about not being able to blog as often. I use to feel the same way, but not anymore. I have 2 days off work this month--hope to get some blogging & updated pics in. :-). Take care and God bless you. :-)


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