Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Misson Accomplished!

We did it! Finally! And all it took was just me ending the procrastination, getting my stuff, making adjustments, etc. Yes, it's WORK. Plus, I needed time to do it and what better way to use the two extra days off, Yea, I could have done bits and pieces over the weekends, but I like to use my weekends for R&R.

Oh, I actually completed everything two days ago (December 23) :-).

Even whipped up a couple of quick bags last night.....(stay tuned) :-).
Front view
 Corner. For now, machine is resting on a plastic bin.
 The two bags have fabric. The smaller plastic (blue) container contains a few patterns.
 Green bin: contents from a sewing expo.Bag in lower right corner: sewing DVD's

The good thing is that I know what's in everything. The clear plastic container is labeled. My goal over the next couple of months is to purchase two large plastic bins and a bookshelf for my sewing books and DVD's.

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