Sunday, December 30, 2012

We got snow!

Posting up a storm. Since this just happened yesterday, took time to upload (along with my uploading other vids). In case it doesn't post, here's the link: 

Hopefully the link works. :-)


Saturday, December 29, 2012


A double greeting: :-) (background music on the actual channel).

SEW Important: Computer chat!

Hi Everyone. Happy New Year and thanks for all the support, encouragement over the year.

Preparing for more sewing this coming year. What about you?

If you're reading this, then you probably own a blog, website, or you love to post pics and/or videos.

We all read about cyber attacks, etc. but some of us may think it will never happen to us...well, it can!

There are some very nasty viruses out there that will BY-PASS the best virus protection.

If you are using your computer, laptop, I-Pad to store these files, you may be in for a pleasant surprise if your system gets hit with one of these vicious viruses.

We should always think: The questions is not IF, but WHEN.

With that said, if you don't have a back-up system SEPARATE from your hard drive, then you should!

Again, if (and you probably do) have your own site, blog, etc., then this should concern you.

Here are some practical tips as to how you can be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE.

(I always tell myself "Take care of the potential issue on the front end, not the butt end."):-)

1) Purchase an external drive or a thumb drive. Nowadays, these are very inexpensive. You can go to a "big box" store (like Best Buy), but you might do better trying one of the following websites:

Here's a pic of my external drive. I have an external drive AND a thumb drive. I've had the external drive for nearly two years, and just got the thumb drive last month. BOTH are external drives: the larger one I use for my desktop and the thumb drive I'll be using for my new laptop.

2) Copy your files, pictures, documents, videos EVERYTHING onto your external drive. Yes, it is time consuming and there's no pressure for you to do it all in one sitting. 

3) Create folders to place items in. Dont' just have them all over the place. For instance, a sample of my folder titles: Under "Videos," I have a folder for fitness, sewing. I have a separate folder for recipes, special folder for "Sewing documents," Sewing PDF's".

4) Last tip: Get in the habit of saving your files, pictures, documents, etc. TO your external drive FROM THE JUMP. Don't allow it to just default to your default drive. Use that drop down arrow to DIRECT and CONTROL where YOU want your files to go.

Again, starting the process may save your site IF some fool decides to attack your system.


If you have any specific questions, need help,etc., I'm no expert, but I'm more than delighted to help.

Take care and Happy Sewing, Happy Blogging, and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A couple of quickies :-)

As mentioned in last post, these are the quick ones I did a couple of nights ago. :-). Really had fun with them--converting t-shirts into totes. Now days with everyone "going green," one never knows when you might need an extra bag--lest thy be charged extra $.
Taken from a large t-shirt
 Another large t-shirt
 This one came from BurdaStyle. Enjoyed and it didn't take long

 I really feel like I can do this!
Oh, the previous bags came from a Martha Stewart tutorial on one of her shows.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Misson Accomplished!

We did it! Finally! And all it took was just me ending the procrastination, getting my stuff, making adjustments, etc. Yes, it's WORK. Plus, I needed time to do it and what better way to use the two extra days off, Yea, I could have done bits and pieces over the weekends, but I like to use my weekends for R&R.

Oh, I actually completed everything two days ago (December 23) :-).

Even whipped up a couple of quick bags last night.....(stay tuned) :-).
Front view
 Corner. For now, machine is resting on a plastic bin.
 The two bags have fabric. The smaller plastic (blue) container contains a few patterns.
 Green bin: contents from a sewing expo.Bag in lower right corner: sewing DVD's

The good thing is that I know what's in everything. The clear plastic container is labeled. My goal over the next couple of months is to purchase two large plastic bins and a bookshelf for my sewing books and DVD's.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hello! Nice sewing rooms/spaces (below) aren't they? I finally completed mine! Spent most of the day moving stuff around, shifting, etc. A few plastic bins--some with fabric, some with scraps. 
A dream below, but we gotta keep it real. :-)

 Stay tuned for next post and you'll see how we worked it out!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Getting sew organized (at least trying to!)

Well, one goal down and several to go. Got my portable table (I call it a card table) last weekend. Picked up some (not all) of my sewing stuff from my parents who were gracious enough to allow me to keep it. Still have a long way to go. I say sewing space because I'm in an apartment.

Getting rid of (or at least trying to) some stuff to make room to make room for this.

Yeah, I realize and won't wait until I can pull everything together or else....won't even get any sewing done.

It's still a work in progress. :-)
Machine, a few books (vintage), and one bin with fabric
 Cutting board, tracing paper, box (what's in it: who knows?) and G Street Fabric bag.
 One happy camper! Relieved!
 Bags with sewing books and DVD's.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Still organizing :-)

As the year comes to a close, this is and will be a good time for me to continue organizing: sewing books, DVDs, manuals, fabric, organize patterns. create a sewing corner (no sewing room). There's now enough space for me at least do this.

I also got another video camera after a 4 month absence so I can start posting some videos--probably at the end of this month at the latest.:-).

The "holiday" season isn't a big deal for me...I'm gonna enjoy the time off (when it comes) and (hopefully) use it to do all the stuff I just stated above.

Take care and happy sewing! :-).