Sunday, July 29, 2012

Way outta control!

Hi Everyone! Warning: I may be all over the map with this one, but that's OK. :-)

I've been in this abode for about 7 months and still slowly trying to organize, etc. My sewing books, collections, etc. is way out of control!

Sometimes I look at everything and tell myself I'll do it next weekend, then when the time comes...oh well.

I was doing a little at a time. I'm sure I'll eventually need to get a bookcase. Sure don't want to give anything away--especially since I haven't even opened most of these books.

So there you have it!
These books are stored in a walk in closet in my bedroom!
 These are sitting on a little bench!
 This is just....take a guess!


  1. Hey there, so nice to see you blogging! Girl ever since I moved into my new Sewing Center I have been trying to organize. I've even gifted some of sewing buddies with fabric and patterns. Good luck don't give up and keep on sewing!

    1. Thank you Tee! As always, you have truly encouraged and lifted me. I was even considering selling my books, patterns, etc., but not now! :-). Thank you.


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